About Bowd


Bowd is a collective of top tier lawyers and professionals who are determined to find innovative and creative ways for lawyers to do their best work and love it. We were enticed by the possibility of delivering ways of working that improve the lives of lawyers and we founded Bowd to disrupt the legal sector and create an offering that is unique in Australia.    

Bowd’s management team from left to right; Helen Fields, Rebecca Mitchell, Fionn Bowd, Anna Ferella, Kristin Rutherford.

Bowd’s management team from left to right; Helen Fields, Rebecca Mitchell, Fionn Bowd, Anna Ferella, Kristin Rutherford.


At Bowd, the practice of law is redefined. Revitalised. And revolutionised.


— What we do —

We solve one of the biggest problems facing law firms today – legal resourcing – and in doing so we provide a serious fix for the next biggest problems facing law firms – client satisfaction, employee engagement, and employee retention.

We also provide an alternative career for the best and brightest lawyers in corporate law on terms they can embrace – fair, equal, challenging and flexible.

— How we do it —

It’s very simple. We ask lawyers to register with us if they are interested in doing the best work on fixed or flexible contracts. We then find one of those amazing lawyers for law firms (or corporate counsel) when there is too much work and not enough people.

Law firms don’t have to burn out their existing teams. The firm’s best and brightest can imagine a law firm life that doesn’t require unlimited personal sacrifice. Clients are delighted. Responsiveness increases. Turnover decreases. And everyone has time to grow the practice more.


— What makes us different —

There are a number of secondment firms in the legal marketplace but none of them specialise in providing the very best lawyers with the skill set and experience to thrive in a law firm environment.

Most secondment firms focus solely on serving the needs of corporate Australia and offer lawyers to law firms as an afterthought. Our model ensures that we only attract and retain the kinds of lawyers who can perform at the highest level within a law firm (and can do the most challenging work in-house).


We hire the best so they can work with the best.  


— Where do we work —

We have lawyers and clients all over Australia. 

We also take expressions of interest from Australian qualified lawyers who live overseas and offer those lawyers to firms who are happy to use a remote lawyer who has the right skill set.

— Who are our clients? —

We service every corporate law firm with a need for a flexible model of legal resourcing, from top tier, international, national and boutique firms to NewLaw start ups and BigLaw satellite firms.

We also provide lawyers to in-house teams for the times when only the very best will do.

— Who are our lawyers? —

Our lawyers are above 5 PQE, top tier and major firm trained, and the majority have also spent time in blue chip corporations as legal counsel. They self-select for a spirt of adventure and a love of challenge, mixed with a bit of ‘do things differently’ and ‘up and at ‘em’.  We have lawyers up to partner and general counsel levels of experience and seniority.


— Get in touch —

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