Behind Bowd

Looking back to look forward.

Fionn can still remember as a child her father coming home each night from work, his wool sportscoat scratchy and smelling of the outdoors under her cheek. William Bowd was a CPA and had a sole practice in the business district in Canberra, and he was home every night in time for dinner.

Her father was half Scot and his best friend Ray had many timeworn jokes he told at her dad’s expense, like the time Bill got his wallet out to buy a round of drinks and moths quite literally came fluttering out of it (true) or the time Ray was pulled over for a breath test but when he told the copper he had come from Billy Bowd’s house the copper waived him on, knowing he’d never be served enough booze to get drunk there (probably not true).

Bill may have been frugal but Fionn’s family was comfortable in a way that no sole practitioner could provide these days, especially one who is home every night by 5.30pm and who never works on weekends.

It was the 70’s and 80’s and times were good (for most of it) but Fionn wants to believe that hardworking and talented professionals today could at least come close to the kind of work life available only a generation ago.




Returning passion to practice.



Creating a place where lawyers are empowered.

As a big projects lawyer, Fionn knows what it’s like to work hard. She also knows what it’s like to look to partnership and measure her chances of success with a critical eye. She knows what it’s like to move cities to take the job of her dreams and she also knows what it’s like to take a job solely for its flexibility. She’s lived through boom and through bust, and she has an idea about how to make things better for all the lawyers who are just like her.

 Fionn believes that with a bit of imagination, a bit of courage, and a bit of creativity, we can redesign the way we organise ourselves as lawyers.  She believes that we can all find ways to do the work we love and still be home in time for dinner, at least more often than we are now.

Come and join her.