Law that works for you


You are an owner or a professional in a top performing firm.

You are here because you are curious about a different way of working. A different way of growing the firm, protecting your team and ensuring the best results for your clients.  

 The practise of law is getting harder. Somehow you are meant to carry the bench space to meet every client demand yet your fees are getting pushed every day.  It’s getting harder and harder to find great lawyers and harder again to keep the ones you have.  Legal technology is great and all but there is only so much magic it can do.

 We get it. We have been in your shoes.
We know exactly how tough it is.

Who Are We

A matchmaker for top firms and partners.


We are Bowd. A matchmaker for top firms and partners seeking on-demand access to exceptional lawyers.

Through our law-focused placement model, we empower you to engage the best legal minds on a flexible basis to deliver incredible outcomes for you, your team and your clients.

Who You're Here

We want to make things so much better for you.

Partners do it tough, they really do. We know, no one feels sorry for law firms (anyone listening would play their tiny violin for us right now), but just between us, quietly, let’s be honest. It’s rough.  

But you became a lawyer because you loved it and you have stayed a partner because you care. You care about your clients and you care about your people and sometimes you even care about the firm. But boy, it’s not easy.

How We Can Help

We find you the lawyers you need when you need them.

Clients are only one of two things – relentlessly demanding or not there when you need them. No amount of legal project management or technology solutions can conjure up lawyers to do the work when you need it done.  Nor can LPM or ‘LegalTech’ solve the even more unhappy problem of having too many lawyers and not enough work.  

We’re going to fix that for you.  We find you the lawyers you need when you need them, and when the job is done we move them on. Win win.

We focus on senior lawyers because you need someone sensible. We like to find people who are calm under pressure and love a challenge so you can get them up to speed and throw them in.

Try not to think about your needs in terms of PQE resourcing – just talk to us about how to solve your problems and let us worry about who is the best fit.


Here are some unexpected ways we can make your practice better.


Springboard Secondments

Bowd can provide outstanding lawyers with deep in-house experience for you to springboard into your client. Keep your client happy without disrupting workflows in your practice and keep client intelligence at your fingertips instead of losing the relationship to your competitors.

Leapfrog Secondments

Our clients are loving the idea of sending a firm lawyer on secondment to a client and using a Bowd lawyer to backfill the work at the firm. Your lawyers are desperate for secondments to broaden their skillset and we all know it will make them better at client service. Send in your best and brightest and let one of ours cover their work until they get back. Our lawyers have no trouble stepping in mid-matter and charming your clients in the process.


Recruitment Gaps

You need a lawyer now but HR says it’s going to take 6 months to find one? Throw in a Bowd lawyer on our most flexible terms to keep the work moving and your clients happy. As soon as you get the permanent team member you want, your Bowd lawyer shakes your hand and moves on.


New Matters + Big Projects

The obvious way to use a lawyer on tap is when there is a flood of work.  Call us as soon as you see the tidal wave on the horizon and let’s see if we can have a levee in place before it hits.


Overflow or Business as Usual

Sometimes the best use of an outside lawyer is to look after your BAU so that your team of superstars can get onto the really challenging stuff. If you suddenly run out of the fun stuff you re-deploy your team back to the safe harbour work and let your Bowd lawyer be on their way. Win win.


Parental leave/Sabbatical

Lawyers with a full practice can get very nervous about leaving for long periods. It also puts a real burden on other partners and it rarely seems like anyone is particularly happy in the end.  Bowd will help find a perfect substitute partner or special counsel-level lawyer to keep a practice flourishing while you or your lawyer take time out for the other parts of life.


Partner Coaching

Most of our lawyers have been your clients and just between you and me they probably know better than you do what your clients want (don’t shoot me!).


If you can imagine it, we can do it

We could not be more delighted by the prospect of designing something unique to you. If you can imagine a way an independent lawyer might be able to help your practice, bring your vision to us.


Other Specialist Skills

Can you imagine how liberating it would be to hand a complex negotiation over to someone else so you can keep your practice going back home? Our negotiation lawyers are so good, they might even be better at it than you (don’t worry, we won’t tell).

How about an actual lawyer to project manage your matter? You won’t have to lose your best person to running the project, and nor will you have to use a non-lawyer who doesn’t understand what you actually do (shh, don’t tell anyone we said that).  

Our lawyers can also help you with BD, client intelligence and even research, articles or more.


The Fine Print

We charge a fee for service by the hour, just like you. However we will do day rates for certain matters and for secondments into your clients, and we can talk about it if you have a different billing arrangement with your client.

 We are an incorporated practice and our lawyers belong to us – we employ them directly and pay their PAYG tax, super, and professional indemnity insurance. Most of your fee is passed through to them – that’s how we keep them happy.  

 We can usually get you candidate summaries within a day or two and a CV soon after you make a choice. Most lawyers can start within 1-4 weeks. We agree notice periods and minimum hours on a case by case basis.



How it works

— 1 —

Take a seat at the Bowd table and we’ll deal you in.

— 2 —

Let’s get to know you a little. What’s your game? What’s your limit?


— 3 —

We’ll show you our hand – and let you see the lawyers up our sleeve.

— 4 —

If you like the hand, back our bets, and let’s introduce you to our lawyers.

— 5 —

Cash in your chips and take home your winnings.

Don’t worry

We will rig the deck to make sure we always deal you the winning hand.


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