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You’re an experienced lawyer. And you (mostly) love what you do. But you can’t help but wonder if it’s possible to feel challenged, fulfilled and excited by the law again. Is it possible to do the work you love but on terms you can accept?

Our answer? Absolutely.

Why You're Here

Do more of the work you love and have the life flexibility and autonomy that you crave.


Let’s be honest. The idea of a ‘disruptive’ legal industry is getting more and more air time. But as a talented lawyer immersed in what you do, it can feel like a real cultural shift is light years away. When it comes to the firms we know the best, most of the changes can seem to just be tinkering at the margins.

Sometimes mid-career can seem like a dead end. But it doesn’t have to. Most of us ask ourselves how we can do more of the work we love and have the life flexibility and autonomy that we crave. Or if that’s even possible.

How We Can Help

What would it mean to you to practise the law you love in a way that suits everything about who you are?

That’s where Bowd comes in. We connect exceptional lawyers with work that is exciting, challenging, diverse and on terms designed by you. Why? To help you love the law again.

We believe we can create a space where the price of excellence is not joy. Where everyone does the work that they do best. Where we all feel useful and valued.

With our tailored, lawyers-only approach, you’ll realise that you can earn more. You can dare to choose only those opportunities that light a fire in your belly. And you can still unplug when you need to and reconnect with what makes life extraordinary. Because who said passion for the law, job fulfilment and choice had to be mutually exclusive?

The Details

We believe in fair.

Bowd is an incorporated legal practice which will employ you on a casual basis when you go on a placement to a firm. Bowd is responsible for your PAYG, superannuation payments and legal professional indemnity insurance. You are paid by the hour or by the day at rates that are higher than an equivalent rate for a full time salary and which take into account the non-permanent nature of the work. There is usually a minimum guaranteed period for each placement. You only take the placements that you want to take and on terms you can accept.


How it works


— You are an exceptional lawyer looking for —

Challenging, fulfilling roles
Life flexibility
Value for what you do + income to reflect that

— You have —

Over 5 years PQE
Major firm training
An adventurous spirit


Fill out your dating profile — express your interest through our online form, no cheesy photo required.


Our AI Bots will run you through our patented matchmaking programme – just kidding, a real person reads your EOI and will get in touch.



We start looking for your Perfect Match – we will check existing job openings and depending on your background, we may approach existing clients about a potential need.


Time to get our hopes up – we put you forward anonymously for a placement. If you have what they need, and you like what you see, we send in your CV.


A coffee date – if things look good on paper, your partner-to-be will buy you a coffee and you can get to know each other.


If everyone is feeling it, time to get exclusive - if you like them and they like you, let’s make it happen. Dinner and a show optional..


We’ll check in – not all matches are made in heaven. We will check in with you over the course of the placement to see if any marriage counselling is needed.


Would you like to know more about becoming a Bowd Lawyer?
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