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Our Mission & Values


Our Mission

To help lawyers find joy in the practice of law by inspiring new ways of people-centred working.


Our Values

If anybody loses, it's not for Bowd

Only people-centric solutions that benefit the profession as a whole, as well as the individual lawyer, the law firm and our company, are for Bowd. We also call this ‘the 4 wins’ or ‘win/win/win/win’.

We look backwards to look forwards

We believe in reflecting on and understanding both the long and recent history of the profession before we get behind a vision for the future. We also believe in old fashioned service, old fashioned loyalty, old fashioned quality and old fashioned grit.

Everything easier 

We believe in making everyone’s work lives easier, not harder.  We believe in less admin, less processing time, less complexity, less effort. We are always striving to make our systems and processes as simple and straightforward as possible.

Absolute honesty tempered with kindness and respect

We are truth tellers and we play the long (and even infinite) game. We believe it’s more important to live with integrity than to get an instant win. As we are in the people business, we are honest but respectful and kind towards each person we work with.

We look after our lawyers, and they look after our clients

We built our model to ensure our lawyers are just as important, and feel just as important, to us as our clients.  We know that when our lawyers are happy, they will do their best for our clients and their best for us.

We believe in being the change we want to see

We want to be a beacon of how our profession could do things differently.  In our own business, we believe that all jobs are flexible.  We believe in transparent and fair decision making.  We believe that all employees are equal.   And we believe that everyone should be valued and feel useful.

If we want to go far, we have to do this together.


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